Thursday, March 11, 2010

Well I am finally adding something to this Blog that I even forgot how to find for a while! I was reading my last (and first) post and realized that it has been two years since I somewhat threw this thing together with the generous help of someone who actually knew what they were doing (thanks Mara)! I still need to take the time to really figure out how to add all the things and pictures that I want to.
Jonathan and I have almost been married 3 years now! Where did the time go? So many things have happened in the last 2 years. We now have a beautiful baby girl Lilly Sofia. She really is my pride and joy! Who knew that being a Mommy could be so rewarding and hard at the same time! Sleep deprivation is just expected now and I didn't think that I would worry as much as I do! I am turning into my older sister (You know it is true Hannah Hehe). Jonathan is still going to school and we hope will apply to Dental school in the next year or so. He is now working as the assistant manager at the apartment complex where we live and I think that he likes it and is glad not to be waiting tables any more! I'm still at the OBGYN office and still loving it as much as the day that I started! I would rather be at home all day every day with Lilly, but going to part time after she was born was a good change. The funny thing is that it is even getting harder to leave her the days I do work. I thought it was supposed to get easier! No such luck. Well that is a quick update for the moment. I really will try to get some picture of our little Angel on here but for right now I have to go wake the little princess up to eat one last time before the bed for the night! And when I say bed for the night I mean until she wakes up a few hours later!