Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jonathan's Graduation!

Too Cute Girl!

So Heidi'd boyfriend Jordan's Mom Lori,(you got that?), made Lilly this cute Pink hat that She LOVES. she takes it on and off over and over and calls it her "Pretties". She is such a character!

Lilly's New rain coat. She loves coats. She will stand below the coat rack and say "coat" over and over again until I get one down for her. Then she will whine until I put it on her and she will walk around the house all day in it if I would let her!
Cute outfit Grandma Valerie gave her!

Bath Time is So FUN!

LIlly Absolutely LOVES her Bat time! It takes a lot to get her out of the "Tub Tub"


LIlly and her new toy piggy bank
LIlly, Grandpa, and THREE pacifiers! All Lilly's favorite things!

Lilly in her Christmas Dress

Bath in Grandma's Sink

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010


So it has been way too Long since my last update. Some of the reason is because the computer that I usually use at home died and our laptop Jonathan usually had with him at school. Well now that Jonathan graduated I have resolved to to better. And I think that his laptop is going to be a lot more user friendly for this kind of stuff anyway. So sorry all for the dry spell but I'm Back! There are so many cute pictures of Lilly I just need to share! Enjoy!!